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Monday, March 05, 2007 

Gluon - BREW Integrated Development Environment

C.E.S.A.R - Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems - has just released GLUON a fully open source IDE for BREW, based on Eclipse and CDT plugin.

GLUON - BREW Integrated Development EnvironmentGLUON increases your software quality and productivity by providing high-value features that are not available on the current development environment. It leverages BREW development on companies and individuals, making development process easy, enabling developer to focus on application.

GLUON is developed over Eclipse platform and CDT plugin. It uses GNU compilers and debuggers for ARM and Windows (simulator).

Current Features:

  • IDE with BREW application wizard, fully integrated with BREW SDK
  • One-button easy compiling for simulator and device
  • Debugging on device and simulator
  • One-button easy access to BREW SDK Tools

Features to be released:

  • BREW syntax highlighting
  • More BREW Tools integration (MIF Editor, Resource Editor, etc)
  • Remote debugging
  • On-target application logging
  • Test automation support


  • Native C++ support, no need to write extra code nor extra compilation options
  • No makefiles, command-line tools, proprietary compilers, and others
  • Burst BREW applications development productivity

GLUON was submitted and accepted to be presented on OpenSource Pavillion at EclipseCon 2007.

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