Wednesday, February 28, 2007 

Nokia joystick patented

Nokia Joystick.jpgCould the next Nokia phone you buy be joystick enabled?

Inventors John Patrick Wong and Jeff Philip Crampton of Vancouver have just patented a Nokia design that would come with a trackball and a detachable stylus; allowing the stylus when plugged to become a fully functional video gaming joystick. Coupled with orientation sensors that can sense velocity and change of direction that Nokia has also recently patented, there’s no doubt that they can get this technology to work, but my question is how user friendly is it?

If you look closely at the design, the length of the joystick is longer than the length of the LCD screen, meaning that when trying to play, all you’re going to see is your fingers on the joystick blocking the screen.

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Monday, February 26, 2007 

Bossa Conference - Open Source & mobile multimedia

From March 12th to 14th, INdT (Nokia Technology Institute) promotes BOSSA, a small but focused conference to discuss and find ways to improve the many areas of Open Source Software targeting mobile systems and embedded devices. The venue is Hotel Armação, a resort in Porto de Galinhas - Recife, Brazil.

The idea is to cover as many areas as possible, from the kernel to the User Interface in mobile Internet and Multimedia. Developers from many areas such as Jeff Waugh (Gnome), Zack Rusin(Qt/KDE), Marcel Holtmann (BlueZ), Chris Hofmann (Mozilla) and John "J5" Palmieri (RedHat) have already confirmed their participation in the event. INdT staff are working hard to make this first edition a huge success, and if you are interested, please visit the Bossa Conference web site or drop an email to for more information.

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Friday, February 23, 2007 

The Twistbox Acquisition of InfoSpace Games U.S. Financial Details

Mobile Games Blog reported before about the Twistbox acquisition of InfoSpace Games U.S. (also known as Atlas Studio). In their Q&A with Michael Steuer, VP of games for Twistbox, they didn’t get access to the financial information surrounding the deal. In the latest SEC filing from InfoSpace which they got tipped on, all information is available though. InfoSpace has bought the Atlas Studio for $ 6.3 million in July 2004. Now, barely three years later, InfoSpace sold the studio for $ 1.5 million. Of course, this is nothing in contrast to the Elkware studio that was bought at $ 26.4 million and closed in 2006.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007 

Opera Mini 3.1 is out

The Opera Mini team put out a new release of Opera Mini, version 3.1. This new release focused largely on bug fixes and better connectivity and support for additional mobile phones.

Read the changelog on the Opera Mini team blog, but some of the more noticeable additions include better RSS feed management and new support for the T-Mobile Dash and the Motorola i275, i850, i860, i870 (iDEN). Installing Opera Mini on these iDEN phones can be a bit tricky; the Opera Mini team will post instructions on their blog soon.

The only new feature with this release is the ability to better manage the RSS feeds on your phone. Other than that it’s all bug fixes.

Additional links:
Download Opera Mini
Opera Mini 3.1 changelog
Opera Mini forums

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Thursday, February 15, 2007 


Due to real canival here in Recife/Brazil, this blog is in vacations until next week. Evoé!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 

EA in negotiations to produce iPhone games

Mitch Lasky, senior vice president of Electronic Arts Mobile, has revealed that the company is currently in negotiations to produce games for the new Apple iPhone.

The device was first unveiled at Macworld Expo last month, with Apple boss Steve Jobs predicting that it will "revolutionise" the mobile industry.

Measuring 11.6mm thick, the iPhone comes with a built-in 2-megapixel camera and can be used to download music and videos.

So far little has been revealed of any potential gaming capabilities, but at least one publisher is keen to get involved - EA has already produced five games for the iPod and now looks set to offer support for Apple's next product.

Speaking to Business Week, Lasky said, "We have been talking to Apple about games on [the iPhone].

"We see a lot of the technology that we've utilised on the iPod side being incorporated into the iPhone."

Lasky became president of EA Mobile last year when the company acquired Jamdat, where he was previously CEO. EA Mobile sales during 2006 totalled US$ 118 million (EUR 91 million) - accounting for 4 per cent of the publisher's overall revenue.

Other companies likely to take an interest in the iPhone's gaming capabilities include PopCap Games, which already produces casual titles for the iPod plus the web and Xbox 360.


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Monday, February 12, 2007 

Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 Goes Gamma

Yahoo! today launched a new gamma version of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0, a month after the popular new service initially launched in beta. The new gamma version features the ability for consumers to search directly from maps and share oneSearch(TM) results, news articles and the service directly with friends. The launch of this new version expands on Yahoo!'s mobile Internet leadership.
Yahoo! Go 2.0 is an innovative new application that redefines the mobile Internet experience for consumers through a unique product design, ability to personalize with content from the entire Internet and a reinvention of mobile search. The service will be supported by more than 100 mobile phones. Yahoo! Go 2.0 has generated more than 400,000 requests to receive the download from consumers around the world in the first month, demonstrating the strong consumer interest in this new service.
Key features of Yahoo! Go 2.0 include:

  • Search reinvented for mobile consumers - oneSearch recognizes the intent of a search term and presents relevant content - not just a list of web links to PC sites - on the results page. Results are grouped by subject making it easy to read through and drill down to get more details.
  • Be local, no matter where you are - The Local & Maps widget gives consumers quick access to comprehensive local directory information for businesses across the US, enhanced with ratings and reviews from the millions-strong Yahoo! community. Interactive maps feature the ability to directly search for local businesses, get driving directions and real time traffic updates.
  • Rich, highly personalizable content from millions of sources - Current headlines and a breaking news ticker in the News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather and Finance widgets keep consumers connected to the information that matters to them. Consumers can customize to receive content from the millions of sources on the Web that publish in RSS.
  • Photo sharing keeps consumers connected to their community - The Flickr(TM) widget integrates one of the Web's most innovative and prolific photo-sharing communities, making it easy for consumers to upload(1) and manage images from their camera phone. Consumers can also easily share photos, view their friends' pictures and browse or search the millions of images.
  • Streamlined e-mail keeps consumers in sync - The E-mail widget allows consumers to quickly respond to, delete or compose new messages or view attachments with a single click - all automatically synchronized with their Yahoo! Mail account in real time.

The new gamma version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 also includes display ads from major global advertisers. The advertisements will run in several of the Widgets, near the top of the page. Consumers will be able to click on these interactive ads to directly call the advertiser or to learn more information about the advertiser's offer.
For more information on Yahoo! Go 2.0, including the mobile phones that are currently supported, go to: Yahoo! Go 2.0 is the next generation of the service that launched for Symbian and Windows Mobile phones in 2006.

Note: I downloaded, installed in my N93 but the application still do not work (The beta did not worked too). The message that i am receiving this time is:

An error occurred. The last widget used has been disabled. Please restart if you want to try again


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Thursday, February 08, 2007 

Google Mobile Blog

Mobile Search and other related services such as Gmail and Google Talk will be a very important part of Google's future development. That's why we see them promoting Gmail App for mobiles, Google Mobile Search, Google Page Creator supporting mobile versions, etc. Google even set up a blog for mobile related issues but is not yet publicized. Thanks for Samsung and iPhone integrating Google products into its latest models that Google gains more and more market share in the mobile industry.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

Vodafone Signs Mobile Deal With MySpace

British mobile phone company Vodafone Group Plc unveiled a deal with News Corp's MySpace on Wednesday that will allow its customers to access the popular web-based social network using cell phones.

The exclusive deal will help Vodafone, Europe's biggest mobile operator, boost mobile usage and with it data revenues, and also helps MySpace launch itself in the European mobile market.

MySpace, bought by media giant News Corp for $580 million in 2005, has been looking to boost its global network of users via international expansion, offering mobile and video-related content.

Vodafone, which plans to initially roll out the service in the UK in the first half of 2007, said it would pre-load MySpace mobile software on select handsets in the future, and also make it available for download from its Vodafone live! portal.

MySpace, which lets members look up friends' blogs and songs posted by their favorite artists, launched in the UK last year and has been looking to spread its wings in Europe. Last month it launched its French website and it has a beta site in Germany.

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Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5 for CLDC Release Download

The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5 for CLDC final version is now available for download, and is it is packed with lots of good stuff, including supported for all the JSRs under the Mobile Services Architecture Specification (MSA):

* Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI) (JSR 185)
* Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) 1.1 (JSR 139)
* Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0 (JSR 118)
* PDA Optional Packages for the J2ME Platform (JSR 75)
* Java APIs for Bluetooth (JSR 82)
* Mobile Media API (MMAPI) (JSR 135)
* J2ME Web Services Specification (JSR 172)
* Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME (JSR 184)
* Wireless Messaging API (WMA) 2.0 (JSR 205)

(New supported JSRs)

* Mobile Service Architecture (JSR 248)
* Security and Trust Services API for J2ME (JSR 177)
* Location API for J2ME (JSR 179)
* SIP API for J2ME (JSR 180)
* Content Handler API (JSR 211)
* Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API for J2ME (JSR 226)
* Payment API (JSR 229)
* Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234)
* Mobile Internationalization API (JSR 238)
* Java Binding for the OpenGL(R) ES API (JSR 239)

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007 

Its Orkut’s third birthday and to celebrate this occasion, Google has rolled out a new feature, Orkut on SMS - which lets you send scrap and receive scrap notification using mobile phone. With this new feature, Orkut plans to invade your offline social life. It doesn’t really matter if you’re in a bus, office, school or college; Orkut fits smoothly into your pocket.

As of now, they’ve rolled out Orkut SMS only for Brazilian users who use Claro Mobile Service. In the near future they’ll expand it to other provider and countries around the globe. You’ll notice a message while you sign into your account when this feature becomes available to you.

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Monday, February 05, 2007 

Mobilist Matsuri number 61

Wireless World Japan hosts this week's Carnival of the Mobilists


Feedback to the MIDP 3.0 team

Enrique Ortiz at Mobility Weblog asks the development community to provide feedback to the MIDP 3.0 specification team, and also tells you how. I've contributed some.

You can also see J2ME Forums for a thread about MIDP 3.0.

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Friday, February 02, 2007 

Evolution of Mobile Gaming

This new research from Nokia indicates that mobile phone gamers are looking to the next generation of mobile gaming to meet their needs to easily discover, share and play fun and high quality mobile games. Check it out.

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Twistbox acquires Atlas Mobile from InfoSpace

Mobile content publisher Twistbox Entertainment announced its acquisition of all assets related to beleaguered mobile media firm InfoSpace's Atlas Mobile gaming studio. Financial terms were not disclosed. Known for its Play for Prizes solution enabling multiplayer tournaments, loyalty campaigns, in-game advertising and prize fulfillment, the Atlas studio and its properties will be fully integrated into the Twistbox Games platform. In conjunction with the announcement, Twistbox also introduced three new games: "SuperSlyder for Prizes," "Card Player Poker for Prizes" and the intriguingly-titled "Take Yer Meds for Prizes."

For more on the Atlas acquisition:
- read this release

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