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Thursday, July 05, 2007 

How to Unlock iPhones

Where there is a walled garden, there's a way: five day into the iPhone launch, hackers are busy trying to "unlock" the iPhone: meaning trying to find ways where it will function as at least and iPod+Wi-Fi tablet of sorts, without being locked in AT&T's two year contract. At least two and possibly three claims have come out, where you can activate the iPhone without going through AT&T, or another variation where you use AT&T to activate the phone, then cancel and use a pre-paid AT&T SIM to do a workaround.
-- The first one, described by TUAW here, is pretty harmless...more a workaround than a hack.
-- The second one, by Jon Lech Johansen, aka the fearless "DVD Jon"...he says he has found "a way to activate a brand new unactivated iPhone without giving any of your money or personal information to AT&T NSA." The code is here, but only for the very technical minded.
-- The third one is a collaborative effort, where they claim to have released a "proof of concept activation program for the iPhone" that makes it possible to activate the device without an AT&T account, or re-activate after an AT&T account has been terminated. More described in this BB post.

source: MoCoNews

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