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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 

Will 2007 be the year for mobile entertainment?

As a sort of counter-point to that depressing eMarketer story, Pocketgamer outlines why it is that 2007 is gonna be the year that mobile gaming rocks out. Citing trends such as advertising-supported games (as a good thing, believe it or not), better multiplayer options, and 3D gaming making a huge breakthrough, the article by Stuart Dredge makes it sound like a good year to flip open that phone and get your game on.

Perhaps the most interesting of all the predictions/trends that Pocketgamer identifies is the rise of D2C, which will end-run mobile service providers and deliver game content directly to the consumer.
Why should you care, if the games cost the same? It’s a fair question. But as publishers set up D2C sites, it could make for a better experience browsing and buying mobile games. Gameloft’s new Connect application, which we wrote about recently, is a good example, being an iTunes-style application that lets you check out new games, view demos and then easily buy and download them. Expect to see other publishers follow suit next year, while other firms (for example Mpowerplayer in the US) try to bring a number of publishers’ games together in one application. And D2C can mean other ways of buying mobile games too. For example, EA Mobile bosses have talked about their desire to sell mobile games in high-street games shops.

If you’re a fan of mobile gaming and plan to stay one throughout 2007, this is a good article to check out. Don’t let that eMarketer guy get you down.


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