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Tuesday, August 07, 2007 

Apple iPhone SIM unlocked for UK carriers

iPhone SIM unlock hackDon’t get your hopes up yet, folks. We still don’t have a software-only complete unlock solution to free our iPhone from the evil grip of AT&T, but we do have workaround. Hackers in Europe have devised a method to forge a blank SIM card with a SIM reader/writer to fool the iPhone into working on a non-AT&T network. The hack enables incoming and outgoing call and SMS text features.

Getting your iPhone to work on any network is as simple (or as complicated, depending on how you look at it) as grabbing your Infinity USB Unlimited SIM reader/writer ($88 + shipping) and a blank SIM card ($8.27+shipping).

A Hackintosh forum member has already tested the hack and reports success:

"Just tested it - works fine with Orange UK - Call In/Out, SMS In/Out. Great job to everyone who made this possible (specially to the guy that edited the Hex file).

I used the subscriber ICCID, so maybe is best to edit the tutorial - activation should
be the last step.

My thoughts on safety of using this: If so called ‘Total Unlock’ is released, it will be
probably patching of the baseband firmware to do a similar thing. So no worry about
alerting the network, the trick seems to fool only the good/bad guy check in the
baseband firmware."

Find the SIM hack tutorial here. And, as always, proceed at your own risk. Your subscriber may shut down your account in violation of your TOS. But, hey, having an iPhone on your non-AT&T network might be worth it.

source: http://www.intomobile.com/

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