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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Dodgeball Founder Quits Google

MoCoNews has reported: The founder of SMS social networking company Dodgeball, Dennis Crowley, has quit Google complaining that the search giant didn’t put any resources into the network, notes GigaOM… Alex Rainert, “employee #2 for DodgeBall”, has also quit. This is surprising, since Dodgeball was big when Google bought it, and it was well-placed to ride the mobile growth wave. In a fairly novel announcement, on his Flickr site of Crowley he wrote “Google wasn’t supporting dodgeball the way we expected. The whole experience was incredibly frustrating for us - especially as we couldn’t convince them that dodgeball was worth engineering resources, leaving us to watch as other startups got to innovate in the mobile + social space”. Using Yahoo to announce his resignation from Google… Crowley is joining big game developer area/code
while Rainert has joined IconNicholson as a Creative Strategist focusing on mobile and emerging technologies.

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