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Wednesday, April 11, 2007 

Yet Another Porting Tool

Similar to Enough Software, Mobile Distillery, Tira Wireless, Javaground, Neomades is now proving a framework for abstracting device and Java implementation differences, so that applications can be easily ported between phones.

I am not sure how useful are these kind of tool to the big and medium players in the marketing today. Players like Gameloft and Glu have develop its own porting tools and prefer to to this in-house to maintain the control and quality of the code and the product.

Most of medium and small companies have already developed its own tools in-house and probably will not spent money buying services and tools like that. New companies in this market... well, are there any company and VC crazy enough to enter in this market now? I would not...

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Hi, interesting position. As you pointed out, there is a couple of actors on this market segment. All of them will not survive. Most of this solution argue that they are compliant with hundreds of phones. However, how do they collect the necessary information for creating the profiles needed "to adapt" the java application for this multiple handsets ?
It costs a lot to buy this hundreds handsets !
Mobile Distillery, to solve and reduce this risks seems to have find the right solution when they decided to create a consortium (www.PACAMobileCenter) with some other partners.

For sure the mobile applications market will make its choice between all of this solution. Only those which will be able to offer new functionalities like NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth, SMS, Rich Media application, Unlimited Jar Size and the porting to Java and Brew handsets will emerge or will continue to grow.

For this reasons and with no doubt, my favorite choice is the Celsius platform from Mobile Distillery !

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