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Monday, April 07, 2008 

AdMob served its 20 billionth mobile advertisement

AdMob has announced that it has served its 20 billionth mobile advertisement. In the last 12 months, the company’s impressions have grown from 500 million a month to 2.5 billion per month today.

The 20 billionth ad impression was from financial services conglomerate HDFC. The ad was served in India at 1:56am GMT on Tuesday, March 25, while a visitor was browsing Cricinfo’s mobile web site on a Nokia N70.

A couple of other interesting points:

  • AdMob serves ads to mobile web users in over 160 countries daily
  • It can reach 40% of US subscribers with a mobile internet capable phone. (36 million subs)
  • The AdMob fill rate is around 95%.
  • Over 3,900 mobile websites use the AdMob platform - I’m not sure I knew that 3,900 mobile sites even existed!
  • Sample AdMob customers include Coca Cola, P&G, Adidas, MSN, Paramount Pictures, Reuters and MTV

Just before posting this, AdMob web site claims to have served 21,180,612,734 mobile ads!

Source: AdMob Press Release


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