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Friday, September 29, 2006 

iPhone to come for sure

Iphone Rumors are rising again as sources say Apple and Cingular signed an exclusive agreement on the highly anticipated iPhone. The iPhone is a crossover between the iPod and mobile phone. Apple and Motorola worked before on a MP3 targeted phone, the ROKR which was an adapted version of the E398 which could connect to iTunes. Also the ROKR was exclusive to Cingular at the release date. The iPhone is expected to save Apple from the shrinking MP3 player market as more and more people store their MP3’s on their device. If Apple is serious about this market, I wonder how often we see new iPhones turning up and to which design factors Apple will keep it similar to the original iPod design as some consumers might want business versions with full keyboard etc. Well, at least we know we can make games on it!

Source: Mobile Games Blog

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