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Monday, August 20, 2007 

IPhone unlock with TurboSIM

Note: TurboSIM will work with any SIM (v1/v2/v3/2G/3G/whatever)
If during the process you get an "AT+CPMS" error, there's a very high chance it's due to loose contact between the TurboSIM and whichever SIM it's piggybacking. Remove the SIM combination and nudge it a little to make sure they fit.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone.

Lets begin. First, you need to make sure of a few things:
  • Jailbreak (link applicable for Windows users)
  • SSH enabled (link applicable for Windows users)
  • iPhone activated using your own AT&T SIM's token (DVD Jon's PhoneActSrv will not
    (eg. iASign method using AT&T's ICCID. Link applicable for Windows users)
  • You have the Turbo SIM - Blank Version available from Bladox or Votech
Once you have done all that, you can begin with the TurboSIM installation process:

  • Connect to your iPhone via SSH
  • (I'm using SFTP in my example)
  • Download turbo-cable-utils-iPhone-0.7.0-rev1.tar.gz
    (much thanks to Zf_)
  • Unzip it, and place the entire content of the folder bin-iPhone into the iPhone's /bin
    (You can remove the bins after you're done if you want. Ignore the folder patch.)
  • Give executable permission to these files. Chmod +x , or chmod permission to 0755 if you're using a client like WinSCP
  • Download applesaft-0.92.tar.gz (this is the AppleSaft app for TurboSIM)
  • Unzip it, go to the bin folder in the file you've just unzipped, and you will find the file applesaft.trb
  • Copy applesaft.trb into your iPhone's home directory (/private/var/root)
  • Disable CommCenter :
    • Download and/or open the file /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist on your iPhone
    • Add Disabled just above the text on the second last line
      (last line being )
    • Save file and/or upload it back
  • Restart iPhone

Now we've got all the software part settled, lets move on to some hardware fixing:
  • Cut up the your own SIM card (the one you wish to use with the iPhone) until it fits the TurboSIM nicely. It is ok to cut a tiny bit more so that they'll fit nicely.
  • Repeat the above process with AT&T's SIM card
  • Insert the AT&T-TurboSIM combination very gently into the iPhone.
    Be extra careful! The TurboSIM is notoriously brittle, and will crack if you use too much force!
  • Open up an SSH command terminal and enter the following command: turbo-info
  • You should see a summary and OK
  • Next, enter the following command: turbo-app /private/var/root/applesaft.trb
  • You should see a reply with OK
  • Enable CommCenter :
    • Download and/or open the file /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist on your iPhone
    • Remove the text Disabled you have added previously
    • Save file and/or upload it back
  • Restart iPhone
Now we've finally gotten the difficult parts away! The rest should be easy:
  • Go to your iPhone Settings menu > Phone. You will now see a new option SIM Applications
  • Select it, then select Apple Saft, and then Set
  • Remove the AT&T-TurboSIM combination (gently), and insert your own SIM-TurboSIM combination (again, gently)
  • Restart iPhone
  • Congratulations! If you've done everything correctly, it works now!
  • To enable EDGE on your iPhone now:
    • Go to your iPhone Settings menu > General. You will now see a new setting for EDGE
    • Enter your carriers APN and/or username and password (consult your carrier if unsure)
  • Important: It is possible for Apple to upgrade the iPhone's radio firmware and fix this TurboSIM "method". Do not update your iPhone's firmware until you're sure the update does not include the fix.

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